Short-term Language Training


During the training, the students work hard at their studies, as they are fully immersed in English every day starting with the vocabulary tests that begin at 7:00 in the morning until their self-study that lasts until 10:00 at night.


In the mornings, the students mainly have one-on-one lessons with teachers, while in the afternoons they have group lessons comprised of university students and working adults gathered from around the world.

Detailed instruction is provided during the one-on-one lessons, and in the group lessons the students study a variety of different areas that include test preparation for the TOEIC, IELTS, and TOEFL tests, as well as CNN news, business English, and travel English.


On the weekends the students visit an educational facility for impoverished children who cannot attend school, where they play with the children as they teach them about Japanese culture and share in the children’s underprivileged daily life.
In addition, on other days they get to enjoy a high-end buffet at a five-star hotel, and experience a marine resort, so that even their days off are productive and well-rounded.

The English training from morning to night is not without its difficulties, but everyone does their absolute best in the aim of improving their TOEIC scores by 100 points!


<Comments from returnees>
“At the start I really hated it and wanted to go home as soon as possible! But as the time passed I started to feel that it wasn’t enough, and that it was amazing! I wanted to study more.”

“When we volunteered, I was able to give serious consideration to what Japanese people can actually do to bring about change in the Philippines, and caught a glimpse of this being translated into action. This was truly a dream come true.”

“I wish I had studied Filipino culture more ahead of time …”