Study Abroad Costs

Students do not need to pay course fees to the universities where they study abroad while studying abroad at universities with which we have foreign exchange agreements. They can attend lectures at universities in other countries by just paying the course fees to Yamaguchi University.

Expenses they will need include their travel expenses, housing expenses in the local region, insurance premiums, and so forth.
While the costs for studying abroad vary depending on the country and region where students study, the table below indicates the study abroad costs for the main countries and regions that students of the faculty study abroad at, with this for use only as a reference.
These expenses may differ depending on the country’s circumstances, exchange rate, and living configuration (shared dormitory room vs. one room apartment, cooking at home vs. eating out) at the time, and should be regarded as nothing more than approximate estimates.

Country / region Annual costs Sample expenses
South Korea About 800,000 – 1 million yen [Hangkuk University of Foreign Studies]
Living expenses 480,000 yen
Housing expenses 360,000 yen
Other 120,000 yen
Travel expenses 70,000 yen
Total 1.03 million yen
China About 600,000 – 1 million yen [Shandong University]
Living expenses 270,000 yen
Housing expenses 240,000 yen
Other 110,000 yen
Travel expenses 120,000 yen
Total 740,000 yen
Taiwan About 800,000 – 900,000 yen [Feng Chia University]
Living expenses 540,000 yen
Housing expenses 140,000 yen
Other 90,000 yen
Travel expenses 100,000 yen
Total 870,000 yen
Indonesia About 800,000 – 900,000 yen [Udayana University]
Student dormitory 400,000 yen
Living expenses 300,000 yen
Travel expenses 180,000 yen
Total 880,000 yen
United Kingdom About 1 million – 1.5 million yen [University of Central Lancashire]
Living expenses 500,000 yen
Housing expenses 540,000 yen
Other 270,000 yen
Travel expenses 200,000 yen
Total 1.51 million yen
France About 900,000 – 1.5 million yen [Lille Catholic University]
Student dormitory 320,000 – 740,000 yen
Living expenses 600,000 yen
Travel expenses 200,000 yen
Total 1.12 – 1.44 million yen
United States About 1 million yen – 1.5 million yen [University of Oklahoma]
Living expenses 400,000 yen
Housing expenses 450,000 yen
Other 250,000 yen
Travel expenses 250,000 yen
Total 1.35 million yen
Australia 1.5 – 2 million yen [University of Technology Sydney]
Living expenses 600,000 yen
Housing expenses 1.2 million yen
Travel expenses 140,000 yen
Total 1.94 million yen