Address from the Faculty Dean


There are many faculties in Japan that crown themselves “international” schools. But this faculty is characterized by the fact that we provide students with a wide-ranging education focused mainly on scientific and technical literacy, while cultivating in them practical problem solving abilities that are rooted in design. Human resources furnished with such abilities are not just successful when they head out overseas, but are considered capable of working to solve local problems from a global perspective and achieve innovations.

In order to ensure a high level of English language proficiency, as a general rule students should study abroad for one year, and the faculty has mandated that they obtain a score of 730 points on the TOEIC as a graduation requirement. This score is considered to be a virtual qualification required by companies and the like.

Moreover, the faculty focuses on “design science” in order to foster problem solving abilities. Design science is an academic discipline that does not just involve creating models, as it also provides new values and experiences, evaluates them, and practices optimization. In this faculty, students learn various different design techniques that are necessary for problem solving, including collaboration, fieldwork, prototyping, participatory design, and more.

Itonaga Masahiro, Dean of the Faculty of Global and Science Studies, Yamaguchi University