Study Abroad FAQ

Q.About how much does the short-term language training that is carried out in the Philippines cost?
A.While there is some fluctuation in the travel expenses and so forth, it should cost roughly 250,000 – 300,000 yen.

Q.Roughly what level of language ability will I need in order to study abroad?
A.The individual requirements for language ability are set by each partner university.
Students will be informed of the details at study abroad explanatory sessions and the like after matriculating.

Q.I’m concerned about acquiring the language ability for studying abroad.
A.Students can develop their language abilities by taking communication courses that focus primarily on English classes at the faculty. What is more, we also offer support for improving one’s language ability outside of normal classroom time, such as by offering supplementary English lessons and setting up the English Space area where people can only converse in English.
Furthermore, we offer a one-month English study program at the short-term language training held in the Philippines in September of the students’ first years, where students can substantially improve their language ability for studying abroad.

Q.What about the course fees at the universities where students study abroad?
A.Course fees at the universities where students study abroad are waved, except for at a few such universities.

Q.You also have study abroad destinations outside of the English speaking world, but are their classes carried out in the local language?
A.We only partner with universities that carry out classes in English, even for those universities outside of the English speaking world.
Therefore, students can take classes in English while also studying the local language in their daily life at the same time.

Q.Will studying abroad for one year affect my search for a job?
A.With this faculty, students study abroad from the second semester of their second year through the first semester of their third year. Therefore, students can start searching for a job after they return to Japan without delay.

Q.Can I graduate in four years even if I study abroad?
A.You can graduate in four years. What is more, the credits you earn while studying abroad may be recognized as credits required in order to graduate, based on a review.

Q.Do you provide support related to studying abroad, such as choosing a university to study abroad at?
A.Our study abroad coordinators and directors answer everyone’s questions about selecting a study abroad destination!
We encourage students to consult with us over anything they are unsure about. We also offer guidance for studying abroad in a phased manner up until the time they leave, and provide support so that they can enjoy their study abroad experience with peace of mind.