“Yamaguchi University Open Campus 2015” Held!

Yamaguchi University held Yamaguchi University Open Campus 2015 (Yoshida Campus) on Sunday, August 9.

Despite the fact that there was a heat wave that day, more than 4,500 high school schools and their parents or guardians showed up, of which more than 500 of them participated by visiting the Faculty of Global and Science Studies. Thank you!

The Faculty of Global and Science Studies is a new faculty that just embarked on its first semester in FY2015. In order to spread awareness of this faculty, in the afternoon we explained three of the features of the Faculty of Global and Science Studies (1. Education that combines the humanities and science, 2. Communication skills and the ability to work together, and 3. The ability to solve problems through design science).

In addition, five of the students from the first semester spoke on the topic of “The Appeal this Faculty Has for Me!”


In the afternoon, events were held with the participation of the high school students where they got to really experience the Faculty of Global and Science Studies.

The first was called “English—Challenge Yourself with a 50-minute Study Abroad Session!”
At the event, a scene about studying abroad was performed, and the participating high school students interacted with students in the faculty and international students from overseas entirely in English.

They were divided up into groups, where they exchanged opinions about individual themes in English, then presented their results.


The second one was called “Let’s Design!”

This gave the participants hands-on experience with design in order to familiarize them with “design science,” which is one of the major features of the faculty.

The design spoken of at the faculty does not refer to fashion or art design, but rather it refers to design in an architectural and planning sense.

For this event as well, the participants were divided up into groups together with students from the faculty, where they discussed how they would resolve a particular problem using design science techniques, then presented their results!

Hopefully we gave the high school students that took part a sense of what design is really all about!


A great many people took part in all of our events from this year.

We’re planning tons of fun events for next year as well! We can’t wait!