A Message from the Dean

 Welcome to the website of the Faculty of Global and Science Studies.
 Learning changes with the times in terms of both learning itself, and people who learn. Human nature and the laws of nature may not fundamentally change, but what we understand of these is only a small part. Academics are updated daily with the discovery of new knowledge and the accumulation of technology. Students change their learning according to what they learn, why they learn, when they learn, where they learn, and their dictates on social conditions.
 The Faculty of Global and Science Studies is designed to be a new learning environment required by the times, rather than pursuing an existing academic field divided by common existing frameworks such as humanities and sciences. The learning here is to acquire the rich comprehensive power that coordinates academic fields and expands, targeting Japan and the world. In addition, we aim to cultivate global specialists who will play a role in bringing about social change while connecting world experts from various fields by making full use of this abundant comprehensive strength.
 Now, if someone who is pursuing their own personal learning is asked, “What is the specialty of learning at the Faculty of Global and Science Studies?”, I have mixed feelings about how to answer that. This is because we believe that in order to create a society centered on the individual, we need a new field of study that traverses and fuses existing academic disciplines while remaining familiar with them. In order to actualize this new academic field, the Faculty of Global and Science Studies uses various thinking methods, including design thinking, and combines knowledge and technology from a wide range of fields to solve social issues. We believe that we can develop and cultivate such rich comprehensive strength.
 While there are many faculties that aim to deepen specialized, advanced knowledge and technology, the Faculty of Global and Science Studies is a faculty that aims to improve integrated designs with practical social implementation. In other words, the Faculty of Global and Science Studies is trying to create new value for society by making full use of the knowledge and skills that have been accumulated through various academic fields to bring about transformations that are not bound by existing academic frameworks.

April, 2023

SUGII Manabu, Dean of the Faculty of Global and Science Studies