Characteristics of the Curriculum

This page explains the four characteristics of the Faculty of Global and Science Studies curriculum.


Study abroad

Students go to study abroad for one year starting from the second semester of their second year. We have mandated that students obtain a TOEIC score of 600 points or higher as a condition for studying abroad in order to make their study abroad even more effective. In addition, they travel to a one-month language training program held over the summer break after their first year with the goal of improving their English proficiency. We have mandated that students must get a TOEIC score of 730 points as a graduation requirement.


From Philosophy to Science

In order for skilled global personnel to acquire the necessary, wide-ranging knowledge, they need to study a wide range of fields from philosophy, ethics, politics, and culture to science, environmental studies, information science, and statistics, and they need to acquire the ability to apply that knowledge.


Design science

Immediately after matriculating, students learn about design science as a process for providing value and solving problems. By learning about design for providing new value, rather than design for colors and shapes, students acquire the ability to detect and solve challenges on their own.


Project-type Problem Solving Seminar

In their fourth year, the students attend a Project-type Problem Solving Seminar instead of taking graduation thesis seminars. In this seminar, the students use the abilities they have acquired thus far in a more practical manner by spending one year working on an actual challenge in cooperation with companies and local governments. They can also carry out projects proposed by the students themselves.