Chikako NIHEI ( ) Associate professor

Area of expertiseJapanese literature, comparative literature, comparative culture

Classes taught

Japanese Language, Academic Writing, Translation, Interpretation, Modern Japanese Studies

Short biography

After obtaining my Bachelor’s Degree, I moved to Australia. After obtaining my PhD at the University of Sydney I came to this university where I oversee Japanese language education, primarily for international students.

Major papers, books, and works

‘The Productivity of a Space In-Between: Murakami Haruki as a Translator’. Japanese Studies, forthcoming. ‘Resistance and Negotiation: The “Herbivorous Men” and Murakami Haruki’s Gender and Political Ambiguity’. Asian Studies Review Vol. 37, Issue 1, 2013.

Degree Ph.D., Japanese Studies
E-MAIL cnihei%40yamaguchi-u%2Eac%2Ejp

A Message to the Students

By studying together with international students you’ll enjoy discovering a new side of Japan. Why not broaden your horizons by coming into contact with English and a variety of other languages?