The Faculty of Global and Science Studies has students acquire broad-ranging knowledge and the ability to apply it, while also instilling in them fundamental perspectives, methodologies, and knowledge through courses designed to give them a basic understanding of science and technology, which is indispensable in modern society. What is more, we have set up design science courses in order to develop these fundamental abilities, get the students to think about specific problems on their own, and instill in them the ability to provide and give shape to new value.

What is more, we develop in students communication skills and problem solving abilities that they can utilize in society by means of practical learning programs, such as Project-type Problem Solving Research in coordination with fieldwork, language studies, study abroad, and companies and local governments. Through this curriculum we foster human resources that can detect and resolve the complex challenges that they will be confronted with on the international stage and in the field in local communities, thereby creating new value and new societies.