Heewon Park ( ) Assistant professor

Area of expertiseStatistical science, bioinformatics


Classes taught

Introduction to Statistics I and II, Practice of Statistics I and II, Data Analysis and Statistics, Mathematics I and II

Short biography

April 2015 – present
Assistant Professor, Yamaguchi University Faculty of Global and Science Studies
April 2013 – March 2015
Postdoctoral Fellow, Laboratory of DNA Information Analysis, Human Genome Center, Institute of Medical Science, The University of Tokyo
March 2013
Completed Doctoral Program in Mathematics, Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Chuo University (Doctorate of Science)

Major papers, books, and works

[12] H. Park, S. Imoto and S. Miyano (2015) Recursive random lasso for identifying anti-cancer drug targets. To appear in PLOS ONE.
[11] H. Park and S. Konishi (2015) Robust logistic regression modeling via the elastic net-type regularization and tuning parameter selection. To appear in Journal of Statistical Computation and Simulation.
[10] H. Park and S. Konishi (2015) Principal component selection via adaptive regularization method and Generalized information criterion. To appear in Statistical Papers.
[9] H. Park, A. Niida, S. Imoto and S. Miyano (2015) Sparse overlapping group lasso for integrative multi-omics analysis. Journal of Computational Biology, 22(2), 73-84. (Featured article)
[8] H. Park and F. Sakaori (2014) Forecasting symbolic candle chart-valued time series. Communications for Statistical Applications and Methods, 21(6), 471-486.
[7] H. Park, T. Shimamura, S. Imoto and S. Miyano (2014) Robust prediction of anti-cancer drug sensitivity and susceptibility-specific biomarker. PLOS ONE, 9(10).
[6] H. Park and S. Konishi (2014) Robust solution path for high dimensional sparse regression modeling, to appear in Communications in Statistics - Simulation and Computation
[5] H. Park, F. Sakaori and S. Konishi (2014) Robust sparse regression modeling and tuning parameter selection via the efficient bootstrap information criteria, Journal of Statistical Computation and Simulation, 84 (7), 1596-1607.
[4] H. Park and F. Sakaori (2013) Lag weighed lasso for time series model, Computational statistics, 28 (2), 493-504.
[3] H. Park, F. Sakaori and S. Konishi (2012) Selection of tuning parameters in robust sparse regression modeling, Proceedings of COMPSTAT2012, pp.713-723. A Springer Company.
[2] H. Park (2012) Novel resampling methods for tuning parameter selection in robust sparse regression modeling, Bulletin Informatics and Cybernetics, 44, 49-64.
[1] H. Park and J. Lee (2009) Effects of environmental factors on monthly cerebrovascular mortality in Seoul, Korea. Journal of the Korean Data Analysis Society, 11, 687-698.

Degree Doctorate of Science
E-MAIL hwpark%40yamaguchi-u%2Eac%2Ejp

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