Yamaguchi University is the third oldest national university in Japan. It started off as Yamaguchi Kodo (or lecture hall), a private school that was established in 1815 by Hoyo Ueda, a member of the Choshu Clan. It persisted throughout the educational system of the Meiji and Taisho Periods, before being organized as a university under the new educational system in Japan as a regional center of higher education and academic research through the educational system reforms of 1949.

The Faculty of Global and Science Studies was created as the university’s ninth faculty in 2015, which is the 200-year anniversary since the establishment of Yamaguchi Kodo as a private school.

The Faculty of Global and Science Studies aspires to foster “Human resources with fundamental knowledge extending beyond the framework of literature and science, who have an understanding of various different cultures and value systems, and who have strong communication skills in both Japanese and English as well as problem solving abilities,” with a view towards the future of the ever-changing international community, as well as Japanese and local communities.