The Faculty of Global and Science Studies offers education with three features in the aim of “Fostering the human resources demanded by society.”

The first feature is offering education that combines the humanities and science in order to instill in students broad-ranging knowledge and the ability to apply it.
The students study a broad range of humanities subjects, such as philosophy, political science, Japanese cultural theory, and theories on modern Asia, as well as science subjects like design science and intellectual property, management of technology and information security ethics, and more.

The second feature is offering varied English language education in order to instill in students communication skills and the ability to work together.
In the aim of having the students achieve a TOEIC score of 730, which is a graduation requirement, the students take English classes geared towards the TOEIC and English classes for studying abroad, while also studying language learning theory and practice, multicultural communication seminars, design English, and more.
Furthermore, as a general rule, all of the students are to go on a study abroad program for one year from the second semester of their second year through the first semester of their third year. We also offer a short-term language training program in the Philippines for one month during the summer break of the students’ first year that is designed to improve their English proficiency so that they can take classes in English at their study abroad destinations.

The third feature is having students learn inclusive design, media design, visual communication design, and more to instill in them the ability to provide value and solve problems through design science.
Students put into practice a design process of creating new value that goes beyond the narrow definition of design of just colors and shapes.

The students study subjects designed to foster in them problem solving abilities starting from their first year. Then in their fourth year we hold the Project-type Problem Solving Research class in which they work to solve actual problems together with companies and local governments as the grand culmination of this process.